• Create A Solid C.L.O.U.D for Your Relationship and Be Ready for Love

    Your vision for your relationship will allow your clouds to thrive.

  • have you hit rock bottom while trying to find the love of your life?

    Do you keep finding yourself with the wrong type of partner? I know how that feels, I was once in that boat myself but I learned how to climb out and create my CLOUD for my relationship. You may feel:



    You feel you cannot find anyone sincere and ready for commitment. You find yourself doing more and your partner doing less. You know you genuinely deserve someone who will not take advantage of you.



    You feel as if you are going round in circles with no end and keep repeating patterns every time you meet someone new. You think there is something getting in your way of moving forward.



    You are getting tired of trying and are about to give up hope of finding a partner. You have lost interest in meeting a partner and do feel like going out any longer.



    You think that no one understand your frustration and you are begin to feel all alone. You are beginning to believe that things will not change and may think you are not meant to be loved and deserve to be loved.


  • learn from a seasoned life and relationship expert and strategist

    Learn from someone who has a record of successfully helping others with relationship issues and has personally walked the journey.

    Certified Professional Coach. International Speaker. Multi-Award-Winning Author


    Kemi Sogunle is a award-winning certified life coach and relationship expert, award-winning international speaker and multi-award-winning author of relationship books. She is also a philanthropist and founder of the 501c3 nonprofit organization, Love Not Hurt (an organization which promotes self-development and building healthier relationships.

    Kemi supports single men and women who are ready to find who they are (after a broken relationship or divorce), heal from their past experiences, develop positive and healthier relationship habits and find love again. She believes truthful and purposeful living is paramount to building healthier relationships to make one's life become better not bitter.

  • You do not have to settle for less than you deserve. You can begin to create your own C.L.O.U.D:

    Watch the results speak for themselves.

    • Create the life and relationship you deserve.


    • Learn to live in your own truth and stand out.

    • Own your space and create your requirements so you do not settle for less.

    • Utilize the lessons to find the love of your life.

    • Develop positive strategies that will help you attain your desired goals.

  • What's included in the Purposeful RElationship mastery program

    Live the life you love and find the love you deserve.

    12 weeks of training with Kemi

    The purposeful relationship mastery program includes 12 weeks of training. You will have access to gain the knowledge and wisdom you need to create a healthy, loving and peaceful relationship.

    You will learn:

    How to create a vision for your life and relationship

    How to stop sabotaging your relationship.

    How to develop a positive mindset that will yield positive results.

    How to find the love of your life.

    How to stop attracting the wrong partners and much more...

    Weekly Assessments Included

    You will also receive 10% discount off other products, programs and services offered by Kemi Sogunle and 2 bonus sessions.

    You will receive my books, "Love, Sex, Lies and Reality," "Being Single" and "Beyond the Pain."

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    • what others are saying

      Here's what others have to say!

      Coaching Client

      "This is an excellent program that touches on all facets of life: relationships, work, finances, relationship with God and brings them into wholeness. I’m excited about what is to come in my life. You are teaching me to change my present stage, connect with God and allow God to grace me, day by day. I highly recommend this program to everyone. It’s a shame people don’t often see why they need to work on themselves. This program will definitely change your life."

      Terri Hase, MMC, PCC, BYCC

      Senior Life Strategist and Mentor

      "Kemi is a very detail oriented coach, with a soft heart, and warm personality. She can really help her clients see into themselves to find the best, and bring it forward!"



      Caresa C., Coaching Client

      "I thought I was going to learn how to find a man immediately but I found myself and realized I was not ready for a relationship. This program has allowed me to gain more clarity about my life. My perception about life has changed since I started this program. I am loving the me I am becoming. If you understand who you are, the decisions you will make, will make your life more easier as well as your relationship."



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